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Jul 11, 2016


I come from a very musical family so I have grew up listening to all of the greats and fantasizing about being them. But as life went on I started to doubt my gift (I have anxiety) and my singing abilities from almost all my loved ones. I am now 28, a mom, a wife, a sister, etc but I can no longer let others define me because it has made me miserable. So within the last 6 months I have started to sing again and with in the last 4 months I have over come my stage fright/singing in front of anyone fright!! I have realized that I did myself a huge disservice by hiding it because I have been told by solo many people (a lot of which are strangers that I have a beautiful voice and if they were me they would always be singing lol) so if I am good without lots of practise imagine what I could of some had I practise my gift from an early age. So I now want to sing as much as possible (it is my therapy in many ways, I always say I sing to heal my soul and it totally true), I would love to be apart of a band!!

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