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Jul 31, 2016


Hello, allow me to introduce myself. My performance name is NettyB and I am 54 years young (please do not allow my age discourage you) I am very energetic. My father was a traveling gospel singer/guitar player when he was alive. I have performed with Theo People (an ex Temptation singer) at a small venue. I have been singing for 30 plus years in small settings such as personal talent shows, wedding receptions, around the house (I believe we all do this at times), and many other functions. I have a powerful raspy voice somewhat like Tina Turner. And of course I sings her songs often, also Etta James music and many more. I am a very confident singer. I am a loud singer (just thought I'd share that). I am looking to sing with a band who plays RB, motown music, some blues, and a little jazz (sorry I do not sing gospel music) I am not seeking to become famous but to do some gigs from time to time. Please contact me if you believe we can be a perfect fit and if I am what you are looking for. Thanks

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