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Im matt, im tryna either join or start a heavy metal band this summer, Ill be able to continue in college (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) if things are going well. A band name I have in mind is 'The Columbine Effect'. I really dont care about age just as long as im not the only18 yearold playing with a bunch of 45 yearolds lol. Im a vocalist and ive been practicing just about everyday, i still need to really work on my highs. It would be sweet to be in a band with 2 vocalists (including myself), someone who can do cleans because i cant really. I have lyrics written for a song that id love to be able to play. Bands that i like are: Chelsea Grin, Oceano, Spite, Architects, Breakdown of Sanity, Rings of Saturn and a bunch of others. Im just tryna have fun and have a good time. If it becomes more serious, ill be more committed. Hit me up if you're interested. You can email me as well:

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