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well have you ever heard of one singer/songwriter writing to thousands of songs now being called "hollywoodsongs" which are now available and produced into the number of 5,000 hollywood songs which are songs of love, songs of life, songs of romance, songs of labor, songs of peace, songs of the minds, songs of the souls. well this is all about
ellena marie moogan derosa, who now come to you all musicians, artists singers, musicians, music groups and bands, with orchestras in usa and worldwide. all songs had been written in english as to perfect to the english language world of languages and of literature. ellena marie was born in haiti, non english born. and how ellena got to learn english, french and spanish at the university of geneva where she travelled from haiti after one coup where she been threatened to be killed by the enrages soldiers of haiti at that time. helped by one swiss doctor, she did travel to geneva of switzerland. and she had gone to travel all over europe joining the crowd of shirleybassey

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