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I had started a band years back in NJ and want to restart it here in ok. I am willing to take Ideas from other music icing as well. I have played shows and miss it drastically. I play guitar, sing, and fiddle with drums (have both at residence) . You must be dedicated, I'm tired of all the ," yeah we can jam" and not showing up people . The music I play can be heard and seen on youtube (search under bodyrotusa). Keep in mind the songs heard here were NOT UP to par, due to the fact that the other players had to be taught by me how to play and we're not very dedicated. I had to make multiple changes in order for them to be able to play. That is not a bash toward them, they tried, we had fun, so in my eyes, a success , yet it could have been tighter . I consider the style like using 80s style riffs and death metal lyrics. If interested gimme a shout. Thank you.

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