"Wanted: Electric Guitarist and/or Singer to Rock The Casbah" (Brunswick, ME)

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guitarist guitarist - lead guitarist - rythm singer vocalist - backing vocalist - choral classic rock cover / tribute indie rock metal punk rock

Musicians wanted in Brunswick, Maine, 04011.

Brunswick , Maine


So you got the desire and equipment, but not the skills or space? Awesome.

We're a drummer and bassist pair that also doesn't have the skill... but we got the space to rock out in. There's a rather spacious garage that has your name on it - if you got the gear and fit the bill.

We're a highly driven (but laid back) Bf/Gf business owner couple. It's a salon down the street if that matters to you. We spend most of our time growing and loving it but in our off time, we're jamming buds... basically our side obsession. We like most forms of music (not country) but our main is the classic rock genre. Favorites are Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin respectively. We're in our early 30's and looking for an electric guitarist and singer (or some combo musician). We've been practicing for about a year but we now consistent with it.

I have the knowledge I learned from a music theory class in college (the parts I remember). Anyways, before I start on a rambling 2 person autobiography spiel, I'll wrap this up. If you're a-rockin' guitarist or singer and can be in Brunswick on the weekends, hit us up. You can use the email alxdott@yahoo.com or to see how sexy we are on FB my link is www.facebook.com/manofnovelty ...let the good times roll!


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