Looking for a second lead guitar player

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guitarist - lead blues blues rock country rock rock soul

Musicians wanted in Vail, Arizona, 85641.

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Vail , Arizona

We're a working gigging band with shows ready to be played...We need a good lead guitar player who can play, rock, blues, country rock..Someone who is a pro, good equipment, reliable non drug or alcohol at gigs or rehearsal... Someone who is a team player, who doesn't play loud on stage, but allows the P.A. to do the work....We do a lot of improv in our cover tunes, we follow the basic form and feel of the tune,we also like to jam in tunes as well.Are you a fast learner and do you learn the tunes before rehearsal and not make the rest of us suffer you learning them there....We are easy to get along with, but we all have expectations of one another..We have fun, but business gets taken care of....

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