Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards Needed for Grateful Dead Cover Band

I am a guitar player, looking to form a Grateful Dead cover band. I have been playing guitar for (roughly) about 30 years or so. You should be at what I would probably consider an "above intermediate" level. I don't really know what level I am on because it is hard for me to gauge it, I really haven't been out there playing with other musicians, but the most important thing is that we share this common goal of being able to play Grateful Dead music, and we should have or be able to develop strong improvisational/jamming skills. I play guitar and sing. I play rhythm guitar and sing, and also play lead guitar. If you have vocals as well that's good because we may want to trade off on vocals much as the Grateful Dead do. Singing is something I started working on much later than guitar playing, so some songs I can sing, others not so much but I'm still working it. Around where I live there are not a lot of musicians, and I do not expect to find all the members for this project locally, so I am willing to commute to practice (I don't have practice space myself) once a week or so, preferably we would practice a large part of the day for one day a week, rather than short practice sessions 2 or 3 time s a week (for example, 5 hours on a Saturday) So if you are a musician willing to, and capable of playing Grateful Dead music, and want to do it with the goal of getting good and playing out, please respond to this ad.

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Posted 11 months ago by Charles. 416 views.

Look for musicians in Lake Placid, Florida.

Lake Placid , Florida

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